Avengers Soulmates Snipets, Harry Potter

Harry Potter/Tony Stark

Tony's Name appeared on his skin when he was ten years old and was having a bath. It made itself a home on the small of his back and he probably would never have noticed it if it wasn't thanks to the nanny. Maria was delighted with the tiny scribbles that said Harry James Potter but his… Sigue leyendo Harry Potter/Tony Stark

Avengers Soulmates Snipets


It happened on the evening they were supposed to board the Bus. Leo was taking inventory of all the equipement they were going to take with them and Jemma was double-checking everything they packed just in case. "Have you seen the Dwarfs, Jemma? I can't find them anywhere but I swear I saw them in… Sigue leyendo Leo/Natasha

Avengers Soulmates Snipets


Darcy had always known her soulmate was going to be older than her. After all, she was born with her soulmark already etched on her skin. But it wasn't something that really bothered her. When she was a naïve little girl she thought her soulmate was going to be like one of those princes that… Sigue leyendo Darcy/Phil

Avengers Soulmates Snipets


Skye always wondered, since she was of conscious age, what kind of person would say “Hun... wha, uh?” in their first meeting with their soulmate. At first she was convinced her soulmate was going to be a drunk and she'd be the one to lay one on him/her for being such a dumbass, then she… Sigue leyendo Clint/Skye

Avengers Soulmates Snipets


Jemma was so not fangirling when she saw the Black Widow appear at the door of HQ with an unconscious Bucky Barnes, aka James Buchanan Barnes, aka Winter Soldier, aka Steve Roger's best friend swung over her shoulder. She wasn't so speechless that she couldn't say anything to them and ended up making frantic motions… Sigue leyendo Bucky/Jemma/Natasha