Hear me a little

I know I should have warned you
before things got so messed up
but I wanted you to hold me close to you
before things got broken apart.

I probably should say that I love you
but I don’t know if you’re ready
to embrace the truth and take it up;
the last thing I want is to distract you
now when you need to be steady,
now that you have so much in your mind.

I love you, my love, and I’ll love you nonetheless,
I’ll try to protect you,
not let anything rip you apart.

So hear this song, my love,
hear me singing for you,
‘cause I’ll always be there for you
no matter where you are.


To the end

Dreams are made of funny lights,
funny sparkling little stars,
stars I dream I could catch
only for you to bottle them all.

I don’t know if you’ve seen my dreams,
the good and the bad ones,
all of them making fun of me;
I wish you could make me blind.

I wouldn’t say that I’m just mad
but you should see them, it’s very hard
to keep on living in this house
to keep forgiving them every time.

And I suppose it’s kind of tiring;
showing a patience I no longer have,
and I just wonder how much time
will take me to kill them all.